What is Claw Machine Master?

Claw Machine Master is an online claw machine service where you can play claw machines and UFO catcher games any time you want.

You can play real claw machines at game arcades by operating them remotely from your PC or smartphone!

The prizes you win will be sent to your home! Plus, if you use a delivery ticket you can get free delivery to anywhere in Japan!

We stock over 500 new items every month! From popular figurines and stylish accessories to cute plush toys and rare food items, you're sure to find a prize you'll want♪

You'll receive 3 free play tickets when you sign up as a new member!


Why Claw Machine Master is great!

Reason 1Leveling

Claw Machine Master has a system where the more you play, the more experience you accumulate, and the more you level up!

At certain levels, you'll receive free play tickets as prizes!

Reason 2Stamp Collection

The new stamp collection system lets you receive up to 22 free play tickets!

Complete all the missions displayed in the mission list to receive a free play ticket♪

Each time you clear the missions, they become more challenging. Can you conquer the stamp collection?

Reason 3Titles

Claw Machine Master has a system where you can achieve a title after meeting certain conditions!

There are more than 100 titles with different conditions for acquiring them♪

There are even unique titles which can only be obtained during special events...

How many titles can you get?

Reason 4Favorites

Claw Machine Master has a favorites function!

If there's a prize that you want, you can save it as a favorite to make it easy and convenient to search for♪

Reason 5Messages of Encouragement

Claw Machine Master has an function for sending messages of encouragement to players who are playing hard!

On the playing screen, you can send messages and stamps saying "Just a little further" or "Congratulations" to encourage other players!

You can express your support for others on Claw Machine Master!

Additionally, Claw Machine Master holds various events and introduces many claw machines with uniquely interesting game settings!

You can play 3 times for free when you register!






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