Privacy Policy

Crane Game Japan Co., Ltd (our company’s) considers protecting the user's privacy and personal information through our online service a top priority. We respect each user's privacy and intend our customers to be able to use our services safely. We follow the law by holding personal information. The handling of personal information and privacy protection will be listed below.

1. Definition of personal information.

Our company clarifies the purpose of handling personal information in a legal and fair way within principle, according to the terms of use and its relation to receiving personal information. Personal information includes the customer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other personal information which identifies them. When we receive a customer's personal information, it is received within principal from the customer within legal boundaries. We don't receive it by any illegal means.

2. The purpose of using personal information.

Our company will use personal information in the necessary and appropriate range for the following purposes only:

  • For providing our service.
  • Corresponding claims, consulting claims and consultations for being contacted after service.
  • Shipping, giveaways, prizes, merchandise.
  • Our products, service event, campaign, surveys.
  • The usage statistics of our service, marketing, for example user's reactions, making documents or investigations.
  • Claim usage fee and billing calculation.
  • Verifying user identity and authentication services.
  • Additionally, separate decisions made by each of our services.

3. System of Handling Personal Information.

We will build a system to protect personal information and environmental development for handling our customer's personal information according to personal protection laws.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties.

We will not provide a customer's personal information to parties except for the following reasons.

  • When a customer agrees to disclose the information.
  • When we require a customer to disclose the information due to a legal issue.
  • For protecting someone's life and property, and when it's difficult to reach an agreement.
  • When it's difficult to reach an agreement to improve public health and when it's necessary to promote child development.
  • When there is an obligation to cooperate with an institution of the country, local government or outsource to someone whom has received the trust and when there is concern that getting consent of the user might be harmful to the execution of office work stated above. When there is a risk or difficulty asking for a user's approval.
  • When our company outsources our service or part of our service to other parties.
  • When our company or service merges, has a business transfer, or has transfer of operations with another company and it's necessary for them to inherit information disclosure.
  • For providing ideal customer service and when it's necessary to disclose customer information to a third party.
  • For improving our service, and marketing activities such as developing new products or any other relate business, aggregating registration information and analysis.
  • Or other cases, which is specified in each of our company’s service.

5. Subcontractor's Supervisory Responsibility.

We may disclose a customer's personal information to a third party within legal reason. When we disclose the personal information to a subcontractor, we conclude it with a confidentiality agreement. We will manage it responsibly. It's mandatory for a customer's rights and profits. We give maximum consideration to a customer's rights and benefits, and execute business and supervision when obligated.

6. Cookie Usage.

We will use cookies and web beacons for our services. Cookies are sent information from a website to a user's browser. Using cookie information from the user's browser, we can improve our services and record how many people are using our services. We cannot identify a user via cookies or receive private information. We will not violate a user's privacy. Cookies are used by many other websites and user's are allowed to control the settings regarding the refusal of the usage or warnings. These settings can lead to some of the functionalities being out of service.

7. About Access Log.

We may record the information of the users who use our service in our access log. The access log includes access dates, domain names, IP addresses, and browser type, but do not include the identification of the user. We will use the access log for marketing and analyzing statistics. We will not violate the user’s privacy right.

8.About the Disclosure, Deleting, or Correcting of Personal Information

Customers can request disclosure, additions, deletion, correction or suspension of their personal information. We will confirm that the request was given by the correct person and in accordance to our guidelines. If you need to make any request, you can contact the following address:

[Contact Address]

Crane Game Japan Co., Ltd

Department of Personal Information Protection Law 1-4 Higashiyama, Kashiwa

Chiba, Japan

9. Scope of application for Privacy Policy.

The scope of application for our privacy policy applies to our website and applications. We are not responsible for the matter of customer's privacy with regard to other third party websites linked on our services. Please check the individual link's Privacy Policy on your own.

10.About Revisions of Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy could be revised due to laws and regulations or the changing environment. We will continue to review and improve the Privacy Policy accordingly. Therefore, please check it often.

11.Retention Period of Personal Information.

The retention period of personal information will be decided by us in regard to research purposes and necessity. After the period or purpose has concluded, we will delete it in a proper manner.

(C) 2018 Cranegame Japan inc.

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