Cremas 4th Anniversary Campaign!

What day is 4/28?

『Cremas 4th Anniversary! 』

With love to everyone who is always playing Cremas!
We will hold a great campaign ♪

# Part 1 #

■You'll get more login bonuses!

The usual 3 times daily login bonus will be randomly increased to4 times during this period!
And more! There's also a log-in bonus time where everyone gets one "Free Play Ticket"!!

I'll let you know when it happens when I log in, so be sure to check back often!!
4/11(Mon)0:00 ~ 5/25(Wed)23:59

# Part 2 #

■Get "Free Play Tickets" for winning prizes!!

Get a "free play ticket" for the first time during the period!
We will distribute 2 tickets
In addition, 4 gifts will be given from April 25th to May 11th!
Earn prizes every day and don't miss your chance! !!

4/11(Mon)0:00 ~ 5/25(Wed)23:59

[How to receive tickets]
The first time you win a prize during the event period, you will receive a "Free Play Ticket"!
*You need to win one prize during the event period.
*Free play tickets are valid for 24 hours from the time you receive them. Please use them as soon as possible, as they will automatically expire when they expire.

# Part 3 #

■ Get a raffle tocket!! Claw Machine Master Gift Festival

From those who got it on the free event standOne person will be given various prizes by lottery every day!
Chance to get gifts by lottery every day ♪

*Those who are eligible for the lottery will be those who have been won at the event stand from 0:00 to 23:59 every day.
*If you capture the event stand, you will be automatically entered, so you do not need to apply from the inquiry form.
*Even if you get it multiple times a day, the second and subsequent acquisitions will be invalid.

Please check the special event page for details!
*TOP page of the event⇒⇒here.

# Part 1 # 4/11(Mon)0:00 ~ 3/24(Sun)23:59
# Part 2 # 4/25(Mon)0:00 ~ 5/11(Wed)23:59
# Part 3 # 5/12(Thu)0:00 ~ 5/25(Wed)23:59

# Part 4 #

■ We will distribute 4444 points every day! ! Point present campaign!

From those who purchased points during the event period, 1111 points will be presented by lottery to 4 people every day!
It will be a lottery from those who purchased the points of the day.

The more points you buy, the higher your expectation for winning!

* If you win, you will be notified of the win and points will be distributed.
4/25(Mon)0:00 ~ 5/11(Wed)23:59