Claw game master gift

4/28 is the 4th anniversary!!

Thank you very much for playing Claw Game Master a lot !!

With gratitude,Large lottery eventI will carry out ♪

It will be held in three parts, so there are plenty of opportunities!
From those who got it on the free event standVarious prizes will be presented to one person by lottery every day!

Please try it out !!

◆ Overview ◆

STEP1:Play a free event platform!
STEP2:Capture the event stand and get a lottery ticket !!
STEP3:Chance to get gifts by lottery every day ♪

※We will contact you individually if you win.
※The lottery will be held every day during the period.
※You can participate in the lottery every day by capturing the event-dedicated platform every day.
※Those who are eligible for the lottery will be those who have been won at the event stand from 0:00 to 23:59 every day.
※Entry is valid only for the day. It will not be carried over to the next day.
※If you capture the event stand, you will be automatically entered, so you do not need to apply from the inquiry form.
※We have several free dedicated machines, but all of them can be entered in the lottery once a day.
※Even if you get it multiple times a day, the second and subsequent acquisitions will be invalid.
※If the dedicated stand is occupied by one person, it may not be eligible for the lottery.

◆ About gifts ◆

Ask the winner for the desired number and open the number!

The alphabet is written on the back of the number, and you will receive a prize according to the alphabet ♪

※As soon as the counting and lottery are completed every day, the winners will be contacted individually by the management, so please let us know your desired number when replying.
※If you win, please reply within 3 days. (Example: The reply deadline for those who win the lottery on 4/17 is 4/20.)
※Please note that if you do not receive a reply within 3 days, the prize will be invalid.
※The remaining lottery numbers will be updated at any time on the table for checking the lottery status and the gift list below.

~ Part 1 ~
Prize A:Winning number:8 Q posket -Sakura Miku-[4/13 "Junxi" GET ♪]
Prize B:Winning number:3 4444point[4/13 "Timmy" GET ♪]
Prize C:Winning number:13 Sakura soba (with soup) 2 meals[4/20 "J.BOY" GET ♪]
Prize D:Winning number:2 [A color]ONE PIECE GLITTER&GLAMOURS-NAMI-[4/19 "まにゅ" GET ♪]
Prize E:Winning number:10 Ah !! I'm in trouble with customers !! GJ plush toy "Shiba Inu-san"[1/22 "mvsasin" GET ♪]
Prize F:Winning number:5 14 tickets[4/22 "サチ" GET ♪]
Prize G:Winning number:9 Petat! Roll Coloring DN Princess[1/25 "ありさ" GET ♪]
Prize H:Winning number:1 Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Precious figure Lamb-Nursemaid[4/18 "ゆう" GET ♪]
Prize I:Winning number:6 444point[4/20 "ままん" GET ♪]
Prize J:Winning number:12 Electric handy brush[4/15 "王仁寬" GET ♪]
Prize K:Winning number:11 Kellogg Fruit Granola Low Fat 1kg[1/25 "アゲハ" GET ♪]
Prize L:Winning number:4 DRAGON BALL Z BLOOD OF SAIYANS-SPECIALⅩ-[4/12 "やま" GET ♪]
Prize M:Winning number:7 Play with a wooden toy color board[4/14 "はな" GET ♪]
Prize N:Winning number:14 [B:Exciting]Doraemon Various facial expression mascots-Dorayaki Ver.-[4/22 "志音" GET ♪]
~ Part 2 ~
Prize A:Winning number:6 POMPOMPURIN Happy Birthday! POMPOMPURIN BIG Plushie[5/5 "obesity " GET ♪]
Prize B:Winning number:3 Oil blotting paper BOX 250 sheets[4/30 "たかたか" GET ♪]
Prize C:Winning number:7 14tickets[5/7 "momo" GET ♪]
Prize D:Winning number:13 Pocket Tomica Big Series Cleanup Convoy Green ver.[5/9 "かわうそ" GET♪]
Prize E:Winning number:14 Demon Slayer MAXIMATIC THE TANJIRO KAMADOⅡ[4/28 "ありお" GET ♪]
Prize F:Winning number:16 Homemade Ice Candy Maker 2[5/12 "ともP" GET ♪]
Prize G:Winning number:10 4444point[5/10 "クレマニP" GET ♪]
Prize H:Winning number:8 [Color Random] Blurring Electric Bull BC Cute 3[5/3 "毎日晩酌" GET ♪]
Prize I:Winning number:17 The Quintessential Quintuplets∬ Kyunties Nino Nakano Figure[5/6 "さにふぁに" GET ♪]
Prize J:Winning number:9 Thomas GO! GO! Bridge rail set[5/11 "さにふぁに" GET ♪]
Prize K:Winning number:2 444point[4/29 "moru" GET ♪]
Prize L:Winning number:15 Kitchen variety 3-piece set[4/27 "ぶちゃ子" GET ♪]
Prize M:Winning number:1 Meito Fukufukudai 10 pieces[5/2 "こんぶ" GET ♪]
Prize N:Winning number:12 Demon slayer Sunflower Sword Floor Mat[4/26 "みゆき" GET ♪]
Prize O:Winning number:11 Q posket Disney Characters -Ariel Princess Dress- Glitter line[5/8 "ポテト" GET ♪]
Prize P:Winning number:5 Delicious low-temperature rice, Akita Komachi 180g x 6P from Akita Prefecture[5/1 "さわちゃん" GET ♪]
Prize C:Winning number:4 4 tickets[4/26 "一攫千金" GET ♪]

~ Part 3 ~
Prize A:Winning number:? Uma Musume? ? ?
Prize B:Winning number:14 4444point[5/23 "まっツイー" GET ♪]
Prize C:Winning number:13 EVANGELION:3.0 +1.0 Thrice Upon A Time [SPM] "Shikinami Asuka Langley" ~Last Mission Activate Color~[5/17 "cookiesars" GET ♪]
Prize E:Winning number:8 P & G Fabreze Easy Clip Sky Breeze 6 pieces[5/20 "リン" GET ♪]
Prize F:Winning number:3 ticket 14[5/19 "ムーニーポコ" GET ♪]
Prize G:Winning number:12 One Piece KING OF ARTIST THE GOL.D.ROGER[5/15 "yasu" GET ♪]
Prize H:Winning number:12 [B: Manjiro Sano]Tokyo Revengers lying down [MP] Plushie Vol.1[5/22 "チカ" GET ♪]
Prize I:Winning number:? ? ? ?pointt
Prize J:Winning number:? Chiikawa? ? ?
Prize K:Winning number:6 Barilla Spaghetti 500g [5/12 "ヒロスケ" GET ♪]
Prize L:Winning number:7 Starbucks Origami House Blend 5 bags[5/12 "はるママ" GET ♪]
Prize M:Winning number:10 ticket 4[5/16 "ゴーリキー" GET ♪]
Prize N:Winning number:11 [A: Black] light & fan attracting insect catching pot[5/18 "りす" GET ♪]

◆ Holding period ◆

# Part 1 # 4/11(Mon)0:00 ~ 3/24(Sun)23:59
# Part 2 # 4/25(Mon)0:00 ~ 5/11(Wed)23:59
# Part 3 # 5/12(Thu)0:00 ~ 5/25(Wed)23:59

Clawmas Management Team