The first Cremas Summer Campaign is being held!

Due to its popularity, it will be extended!
A great summer campaign is being held to enjoy summer more!
The first is to get the key and treasure box !! Treasure hunting !!

Keys will appear on some target units during the campaign period!
You can get the key by winning the prize of the target stand. !
Once you get the key, let's challenge the treasure chest stand!
If you can get both the treasure chest and the key, Treasure GET!

* The treasure chest prize will be added to the cart by attaching the key acquisition video and the treasure chest acquisition video and applying from the inquiry.
Treasure includes popular figures and huge stuffed animals! Enjoy what's in it after it arrives ♪

Campaign participation procedure

① Win a prize on the table with the key image.
② Acquire a treasure chest on the treasure chest dedicated stand.
③ Apply for treasure GET from the inquiry by attaching the key stand acquisition video and the treasure box acquisition video.
④ The acquired treasure will be added to the cart as a prize for the treasure chest, so request delivery together with other prizes.
⑤ You will receive the treasure with the prizes you won!
* The key acquisition video and treasure chest acquisition video can only be attached once per acquisition.
* To obtain multiple treasures, you need to obtain a key and a treasure chest.
* You cannot get treasure with just the key or the treasure chest.
* The treasure you have won must be delivered in the same way as regular prizes.
* If you do not request delivery within 14 days of acquisition, your right to acquire will be forfeited.

Holding period

7/16 (Friday) 0:00 to 7/31 (Saturday) 23:59