c >Collect the dice and aim for the goal! Across Japan! Sugoroku Tour
Collect the dice and aim for the goal! Across Japan! Sugoroku Tour is here!

Crossing Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa!

Collect the dice on the platform and move forward!

You can get points if you stop at each prefecture mass!

Let's aim to get a lot of points and go hard! !


STEP1:Let's collect the dice cards attached to the table as prizes!
STEP2:If you collect 3 dice cards, you can apply! 1, 2, 3, etc. are OK even if they are not the same dice!
STEP3:Apply from the inquiry form along with the video for 3 dice cards!
STEP4:I will advance as many times as the number of the dice that has been applied!
STEP5:Get points when you land on a prefectural mass!
STEP6:Let's go forward aiming at the goal of Okinawa!

sugoroku sheet

0 starting point
7 Hokkaido 55 Shiga
9 Aomori 57 Kyoto
11 Iwate 59 Hyogo☆
13 Akita 61 Osaka
15 Yamagata 63 Nara
17 Miyagi 65 Wakayama
19 Hukusima☆ 67 Tokushima
21 Tochigi 69 Kochi
22 ???
23 Ibaragi 71 Ehime
25 Chiba 73 kagawa
27 Kanagawa 75 Okayama☆
29 Tokyo☆ 77 Tottori
31 Saitama 79 Shimane
33 Gunma 81 Hiroshima
35 Niigata 83 Yamaguchi
37 Toyama 85 Fukuoka
86 ???
39 Ishikawa 87 Saga
41 Fukui 89 Nagasaki
43 Gifu 91 Kumamoto
45 Nagano☆ 93 Oita
47 Yamanashi 95 Miyazaki☆
49 Shizuoka Prefecture 97 Kagoshima
51 Aichi 99 Okinawa
53 Mie

Bonus city

19 Fukushima☆ 59 Hyogo☆
29 Tokyo☆ 75 okayama☆
45 Nagano☆ 95 Miyazaki☆

event rule

・There are six types of dice cards "" placed on each table.
・You can apply by collecting 3 dice cards.
・Please note that you cannot apply with 1 or 2 dice cards!

"About how to proceed"
・If the applied dice card is "1.1.1", proceed「3 mass」from the current location.
・If the applied dice card is "1.2.3", proceed「6 mass」from the current location.
・Videos used during the event cannot be reused.
・The grid advances in the order in which applications are received.
・It is not possible to return to a mass that has been advanced.

Get 200pt when you land on a prefecture mass!
* You will not receive points for passing mass.

Start again from the starting point by stopping at the goal Okinawa or passing by!
If you reach the goal, you will receive an additional 1000pt as a goal bonus!
"bonus city"
During the event period, there are prefecture mass designated as bonus cities!
Get 555pt when you land in a bonus city!

"???" appears in the mass other than the prefecture mass!
Let's check the position of the mass on the Sugoroku sheet! !

What will happen... Fun after stopping!
It's your freedom to stop or move forward♪

Sugoroku Tour Special Stand

You can roll the dice that can be used at the event on the Sugoroku Tour special stand!
The dice that fell on the special table can only be used once as a dice card!
The numbers on the top of the dice can be used as dice cards instead!

※Applies only to the number of rolls made within 3 times from the first play on the special table.
※Please note that all rolls of the number of dice falling 4 times or more will be invalid.
※You can play the special table for free, but to avoid congestion, you can play up to 3 times in a row.
※After playing 3 times, give it to the next user.
※Please be aware that if you continue to play continuously on the special table, your account may be suspended.

How to apply

・From the inquiry form "Inquiries about play",
If you send "Dice card 1.2.5 = 8" with 3 dice card acquisition videos as 1 mouth, the application is complete!
If you can confirm by inquiry, you can get points ♪
We will also reply with your current location, so check it out!
■Inquiry example Inquiry example

*When applying, please check all 3 eligible videos and send them along with the dice cards to be used.
*Please note that it is not possible to apply based on the play time or prizes obtained, or to check the cards from the videos that have been obtained.
*By checking "Show acquired only" on the play inquiry screen, you can sort only acquired videos.
*Applications cannot be accepted without a video attachment.
*You can apply as many times as you want in a day.
* When applying, you will need 3 dice cards worth of acquisition videos.
*We cannot accept 1 or 2 dice cards.。
*If the video was acquired during the event period, you can apply even if the date is different.
*Acquired videos once used cannot be reused.


From 9/19 (Mon) 0:00 to 9/25 (Sun) 23:59 * Japan time

Claw Machine Master management team