The 5th Cremas Quest
~A wish comes true in Tanabata!Large voting party~

In Japan, there is a custom called Tanabata.
It is said that a wish will come true if you write a wish on a strip and put it on a bamboo leaf and let it flow in the river.

Speaking of Tanabata! ?
The day when the wish comes true.

It seems that Cremas Good Job characters are suffering.

What kind of wish do you all want to do?

Hm ~. do not know…

That's it!Let all the users vote on their wishes!

Cremas quest big voting party!

Poll results determine what will be done!

【Outline of the big voting meeting】

・Three types of event stand will be installed.
・There is a short strip with a "wish" written on each event stand.
・You will be voted one vote each time you earn on each platform.

The request with the highest number of votes out of three will be implemented!

Three types of wishes are listed below
・We want you to increase "login bonus"
・I want to get a "Free Play Ticket"
・We want you to carry out "discount sale" of play point

※ It applies to people who have been acquired at the place of wish to be carried out.
※ Please note that people who have not been awarded even if they are playing at the platform of the wish will be excluded.
Implementation of the wish will be after July 8 (Mon) Japan Time.
※ How much does the login bonus increase? How many Free Play Tickets can I get? How many units are eligible for discounted sales?
The more votes you have, the bigger your wish will be, so please join us!

【further! Super fever!】

Entry to the big lottery by the acquisition of the event stand!

Among applicants, 20 people can get favorite things from Cremas's prize list by lottery

【Application method】

・ We can apply for one time by clearing all 3 kinds of event stands!
・ As it is possible to apply again and again, if you clear a lot, the winning probability will increase!

If you clear the event board three times, it is three entries.

【Announcement as a result of lottery】

・ We will inform the winners individually.
・ Please turn on the push notification and do not miss the notification.

【Cremas Special rules】

Very popular every time!
Get points with 'Medicinal herbs' & 'Treasure Chest'!

If you get a prize on the play stand with the picture of "Medicinal herbs", you get 300 to 500 points!

If you get a prize on the play stand with the picture of "Treasure Chest", you get 300 to 500 points!

【 How to receive points 】

・ Please send "Medicinal herbs get" or "treasure box get" from the inquiry form along with the acquired video after the prize is won. We will add points as soon as we get confirmation.
・ The expiration date is within the period of the event, and within 3 days after the prize is won. Please note that points can not be added if 3 days or more have passed.

【Event period】

Japan Time
6/24 (Mon) 0:00-7/7 (Sun) 23:59

Cremas Management Team