Good Job Event!

If a staff member or a costumed character turns to the camera and show you a "Good Job" sign after you catch a prize, you get an extra point as a present.

Staff (humans)
222 points
Costumed character (characters)
333 points

[How to confirm]

"Check your catch videos!"

*The Good Job sign may not be shown on the play screen if the prize catch screen is already being displayed while you play.

Click My Page ⇒ watch the play video of when you caught a prize from your catch album or your play history!

[How to receive the points]

Select the play video where the Good Job sign appeared and send the message "Good Job" through the inquiry form.

Click Top page ⇒ Top-right information menu ("i" symbol) ⇒ Inquiry ⇒ Play-related inquiry ⇒ Select the correct catch video ⇒ Send the message "I got a Good Job!"
Once the video is confirmed, the points will be added to your total.

All event details will be sent to players through notifications, so we recommend keeping push notifications on so that you don't miss out on any useful information.