10th CREMAS QUEST ~CREMAS Line of defence~

# Story #

Halloween 2021

The mysterious "Hungry Monster" has attacked!

There have been incidents of sweets being stolen all over the place... and the evil hand has reached Claw Machine Master!

The only way to fight off the "Hungry Monster" is to make him consume a lot of calories at once!
Let's collect sweets with everyone's help and feed them to the "Hungry Monster" to fight it off!

A special story video for this event is now available! Please enjoy it along with the event!

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*English subtitles will be displayed when subtitles are turned on.

# Overview #

Collect the sweets and fight off the "Hungry Monster"!
SETP1:Everyone collects the sweets posted on each table to make the "Hungry Monster" consume calories.
SETP2:If your total calorie intake exceeds 3,500,000 kcal within the period, you will be defeated! The mission will be cleared.
SETP3:The total number of calories ingested will be tallied at midnight every day and can be checked on the ticker tape.
SETP4:Free play tickets for all participants who complete the mission!

# Event Rules #

A card with sweets on it is attached to each crane game stand, and the player obtains the card shown by winning a prize.
The cards have calories written on them, and by obtaining them, you have automatically made the "Hungry Monster" consume calories.

*There is no need to apply for participation in the event through the contact form as it will be automatically entered.

# Mission Clear Reward #

[Overall Reward]
If the total calorie intake of the "Hungry Monster" exceeds 3,500,000kcal within the period, it will be defeated! Mission cleared!
If you successfully complete the mission, you will receive 3 free play tickets for every user who has allowed the "Hungry Monster" to consume calories at least five times during the period!

*Please note that the free play tickets distributed will be valid for 24 hours after distribution.Please note that your account will automatically expire after the expiration date.

Plus, if you can complete the mission, something good might happen later!
We'll announce it later, so stay tuned!

Awards will be given to those who make the "Hungry Monster" consume the most calories throughout the event period and contribute greatly to achieving the mission.

1st +5000pt
2nd +4500pt
3rd +4000pt
4th~10th each +2000pt
11st~20th each +1500pt
21st~30th each +1000pt

*After the event, top finishers will be notified individually.
*The winners will be announced when the points are distributed. Thank you for your understanding.

# Special Bonus #

Look for "Pumpkin" and "Ushiko's Wizard" to get points!

During this period, "Pumpkin" and "Ushiko's Wizard" will appear at one of the tables!

If you win a prize at a table with a picture of "Pumpkin" on it, you will receive 200 points!
If you win a prize at a table with a picture of "Ushiko's Wizard" on it, you will receive 300 points!

[How to receive points]

After you have won the prize, please send "Pumpkin" or "Ushiko's Wizard" from the contact form with your winning video.
Points will be awarded as soon as they are confirmed.

*Videos of prizes won during the event period will be eligible.
*The application will be valid for 3 days after the prize is won. Please note that if more than 3 days have passed, you will not be eligible.

# Period #

10/25(Mon)0:00 ~ 10/31(Sun)23:59[JST]

Claw Machine Master management team.