Win the rock-paper-scissors and get a free play ticket!
Cremas rock, paper, scissors!

Rock-paper-scissors duel with cute characters!
If you win, you get 3 free play tickets!

Will you be able to win?


STEP1:Let's collect the cards on the machine and get prizes!
STEP2:If you collect three of the same cards, you can apply!
(3 pieces of ROCK or 3 pieces of scissors or 3 pieces of paper)
STEP3:Apply for an inquiry with three videos of the same card!
STEP4:If you win the next day's cards, you will get a ticket!

event rule

The "Rock, Scissors, Paper" hand cards placed on the machine can be obtained when you win a prize.
You can challenge if you collect (3 ROCK, 3 scissors, or 3 paper) with the cards you got!

・You can apply as many shares as you want in a day!
・You can't reuse an earned video once you've used it!

・We'll play rock-paper-scissors one day at a time, every day!

Acceptance will be at the time of application. (Japan time)

The cards you play will be matched by the cards our characters play the next day!

Win our character and you'll get 3 free play tickets!

Entries are open daily from midnight to 11:59pm! (Japan time)

You can beat the scissors
You can beat the paper
You can beat Rock

How to apply

Inquiry form from "Inquiry about play",
Just send us a video of 3 cards to be used in the game as a single entry!

Wait for the cards we characters put out!

 ■Examples of inquiries  
To apply, please check the target videos together and inquire along with any of the rocks, scissors, or paper you will be using for the game.
Please note that it is not possible to check the card from the time of play, the prizes won, or the videos you have won.
You can sort only the acquired videos by checking the acquisition only box in the upper right corner.
If you do not have a video attached, we will not be able to accept your application.
You can apply as many times a day as you like.
You can apply once if you get the same 3 cards.
Once you have used a video, you cannot use it again.

About the cards played by the characters

We will announce the cards that will be released every day after midnight Japan time.

The winners will be given out after the announcement, so please be patient.


Monday, July 20, 1:00 - Sunday, July 26, 23:59 (Japan time)