Cremas get Rally! Held!

Get a prize during the event and get great deals! Get Rally held!


・During the event period, 50,000 points every day will be divided by all users who have won prizes!
・Points will be divided according to the number of prizes earned on that day.
・The reward you can get as the prizes you earn increases!
・You can get a happy present if you rank in the top 10 people for the total number of events during the event period.

Get rally rules

・During the event period (11/5~11/10), 50,000 points will be divided every day by the person who won the prize on that day.
・The points for mountain division will be divided according to the number of prizes earned.
・If you have earned multiple prizes, you can receive points for the number of units you earn.
・Points will be distributed after aggregation and will be distributed within the next day of the acquisition date.

・The details of points will be announced only to the target users at the time of point distribution.
・Bonus points will be distributed as soon as they are finalized after the event.
・Free gifts will be given to the top 10 earners after the event.
 Two favorite prizes displayed in the prize list after the first to third ranking announcements
 After the 4th-10th ranking announcement, one favorite prize displayed in the prize list
※You can only select regular prizes. Store direct gifts and premium gifts are not eligible.
※Playing at the prize station is required to receive the prize. It doesn't matter if you don't win, but please play at least once during the period. ※For prizes that have been lowered from the prize list, the stock may be sold out.

Event period

・Japan time November 5 (Tue) 00:00-November 10 (Sun) 23:59

TOP10 prize exchange period

from the announcement of the ranking to Thursday, November 14, 23:59.

※In order to receive the complete bonus, it must be earned on all dates during the event.
※The complete bonus is once per person.
※Points must be entered on the MY page.

We look forward to your continued support for “Cremas”.
Cremas management team