Once a day!! Win a prize, you get a free play ticket

Every day you get your first giveaway, you get "1 Free Play Ticket"!

If you receive them every day during the period, you can get up to 16 free play tickets!


# Overview #

STEP1 : Let's win a prize!
STEP2 : Each person will automatically receive one free play ticket per day!!


# Period #

>12/25(Sat) 0:00 ~ 1/10(Mon) 23:59 *JST
12/25(土)0:00 ~ 1/10(月)23:59


# How to receive tickets #

Every day during the event period, you will receive a "Free Play Ticket" for the first time you win a prize!

*You need to win one prize during the period. *Free play tickets will be automatically granted immediately after the prize is won.
*You do not need to submit an application through the Contact Us form.
*Each person can receive only one gift per day.
*Free play tickets are valid for 24 hours from the time you receive them. Please use them as soon as possible, as they will automatically expire when they expire.

Claw Machine Master management team