Service point extra large campaign!

Service point extra large campaign!

straight fire!
Service point extra large campaign!
Now is your chance!

Service points will be [Doubleed]
≫≫ Doubleed!!! Settlement ≪
・ Credit card
・ Paypal
・ UnionPay
・ Alipay

Payments other than the above are not eligible for the campaign

Service point comparison

As shown in the comparison table below, the rate varies depending on the type of payment.
Please use this opportunity.

* pt stands for point.
* SP stands for service point.

※ Service points are bonus points attached when purchasing.
※ The higher the purchase price, the more service points, which is super value.
※ In this service, we recommend you to play after securing enough points in advance.

Campaign period

Please check with notifications and tickers

Cremas management team