Mass points are divided up!

     Thank you for enjoying Claw Machine Master!
【Cremas!Blackjack】We are holding an event!


SETP1:Collect playing cards on each level!
SETP2:Match the pattern on the playing cards, and try to make the total number add up to 21!
SETP3:After entering, just wait for the division!
SETP4:The mass points are divided among the entrants each day!
・Please confirm the divided points of each day by the notice and the telop.

[Event rules]

・There are playing cards on each Crane Game level, and by "obtaining a prize" you can acquire the displayed card.
・You can play blackjack with your acquired cards. If the sum of your cards is exactly 21, you have achieved a perfect blackjack.
・The acquired cards can only be used once during the duration of the period.

[Claw Machine Master! Blackjack rules]

About the points
・A (ace) can be either 1 or 11!
・2 to 10 remain as the same values
・Face cards (jack, queen, and king) are counted as 10!
・With a special Cremas rule, the joker can be used as anything from 1 to 20!

10 (10 or a face card) + 11 (A) = 21
6 + 7 + 8 = 21
2 + 19 (joker) = 21

[Entry method]

・When blackjack is over, you can make your entry by sending videos one at a time of the combinations that create 21 with a message that says "blackjack" using the "play-related inquiries" form.
* You can only send one video at a time. Please send the acquisition video for the cards you used.

[Event rewards]

・Please confirm the divided points of each day by the notice and the telop.
・The following is an example of 30000 points.

・During the event period, 30,000 points will be divided each day.
・The 30,000 points are divided by calculating a ratio with the number of entries received that day.
※ You can submit multiple entries for yourself.

When there are 30 entries
30,000 points / 30 entries = 1000 points per entry

[Event period]

The period for which this banner is displayed

[Results announcement, event reward distribution]

・Announcements and reward distributions will be sent separately to the entrants after totaling the points for each day.
※ Please not that we may require some time for totaling the points.
※ Unused cards that were acquired during the previous blackjack event cannot be used.
※ Only the cards acquired during the current blackjack event are eligible.

※ If you have questions about blackjack or other matters, please contact us via the contact form.