Claw Machine Master "Look this way!" Eevent is on!!
If you win the game, you get free play tickets!

"Look this way” to confront the Claw Machine Master characters!!!

Try to predict the direction your character will face!

If your character turns in the same direction as your prediction, you get 3 free play tickets!
Results will be posted the next day! We will have a daily contest!!

The results will be announced in a video! Stay tuned!!

In addition, everyone who submits at least one application during the event period will receive a free play ticket as a prize for participating.


STEP1:Collect the cards on the table by getting the prizes!
STEP2:Collect 3 cards of the same direction to apply!(UP 3 sheets or Right 3 sheets or Left 3 sheets)
STEP3:Apply through the contact form with three videos of the direction cards to be used for the match.
STEP4:Check out the video the next day when they announce the results!
STEP5:If the direction your character is facing matches the direction you predicted, you'll get the ticket!!

Event Rules

The "Up(upwards), Right, Left" direction cards placed on each table are obtained by winning prizes.
You can apply for one unit if you collect "Up(upwards) 3" or "right 3" or "left 3" cards with the cards you got!

*You can apply as many times a day as you like! After applying for one unit of three right cards, you can apply for another unit of three left cards, three top cards, or three right cards.
*Once used, the acquired video cannot be used again!
*Matches will be made daily, one day at a time!
*This will only apply to the game on the day you submit your application. Please note that this does not apply to games played on other days.

"Look this way!" is a game in which you try to guess the direction that the character will face the next day.

[For example] If you apply on the 19th with a prediction of "left", you'll play against a cremaceous character that will be announced at midnight on the 20th!
You win if your character turns to the "left" (face to face) as you expected!

If you win, you get three free play tickets for every game you win.

If you apply for two units in one day, and you win, you get six free play tickets! The more you win, the more tickets you get!
Applications are accepted from midnight to 11:59pm every day!

If character turns upwards, you win!
If character turns right, you win!
If character turns left, you win!

How to Apply

Send us your predictions for which direction your character will face,
along with three videos of you acquiring the cards you'll use to win, via the "Contact Us for Play" contact form, and your application is complete!

Now we just have to wait for the results to be announced the next day!

 ~Examples of inquiries~  
*To submit an application, please check all the eligible videos together and send it with the direction card (up, right, or left) to be used for the match.
*Please note that it is not possible to apply based on the time of play or prizes won, nor is it possible to find out the card from the winning video.
*You can sort the videos by acquisition only by checking the "Show only acquisition" checkbox on the Play Inquiry screen.
*If the video is not attached, the application will not be accepted.
*You can apply as many times a day as you like.
*The direction card you get can be used when you collect three cards of the same direction.
*To apply for one unit, you need to acquire three cards of the same direction.
*Once an acquisition video has been used, it cannot be used again.

Announcement of results and distribution of event rewards

Results of the game:The results of the games will be announced after midnight every day via announcements and tickers.

We will distribute the rewards to the winners after the results are announced.

*The free play tickets distributed to you will expire 24 hours after they are distributed. Please note that the tickets will automatically expire after the expiration date.

Event participation prizes:We will distribute them as soon as the tally is completed after the event.

Everyone who submits at least one application during the event period will receive one free play ticket!

*Please note that it may take some time before the free play tickets are distributed. Please be forewarned.
*You must have applied at least once during the event period to be eligible.
*The free play tickets distributed will be limited to one per person throughout the duration of this event.
*Free play tickets are valid for 24 hours from the time you receive them. Please use them as soon as possible, as they will automatically expire when they expire.

Event period

1/10(Mon) 0:00 - 1/16(Sun) 23:59

Claw Machine Master management team.