Valentine event now being held!
Get points when you win prizes on the event target station!

If you win a prize on the applicable platform, you will get 214 points!
If you can see the POP of the heart , it is the target table for the event!

Heart POP stand
Earn 214 points if you get a prize on the table where the heart POP is displayed

Holding period

Japan time
February 10 (Mon) 0:00 to February 16 (Sun) 23:59

※During the event period, "play videos that have won prizes" will be eligible for points.

Confirmation method

『 Let's check the video that won the prize! 』

My page on the bottom right of the TOP page ⇒ List of acquired prizes

You can check the play video at the time of acquisition from here!

※In rare cases, recording may have failed.
In that case, please feel free to contact us for confirmation.

※Sending the acquired videos to friends via LINE or posting videos to SNS such as Facebook is completely OK!
From the above, you can easily post to each SNS.

How to receive points

From the inquiry form, select the play video for which the prize was obtained and select "Valentine Event!" Please write and send.

TOP page ⇒ Inquiries at the bottom right ⇒ Inquiries about play ⇒ Check to display only acquisition ⇒ Select the target acquisition video ⇒ [Valentine event! ] Please send.
Once confirmed, we will add 214 points.

Please try aiming for a heart POP ♪

Thank you in the future.

Cremas Management Team