Today's topic 【Choose your favorite ice cream ♪】

①After all it is a classic !! Vanilla ice cream ☝
② Pop rock candy pops and is delicious ✨ Popping shower
③ Rich chocolate taste is the best 💖 Chocolate ice cream 👐

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Past Theme

Today's topic.【What kind of ability do you want if you can get one supernatural power?】
①Communication ability to talk with animals! 4%
②Teleportation ability to go anywhere you want to go !! 70%
Ability to double the contents of the pocket when hitting the pocket !! 26%
Today's topic.【I'm going on a space trip! !! 』 Which one are you looking forward to?】
①Oh ♪ The earth is really blue! !! 37%
②Aurora seen from above! !! What a mystery 🌟 3%
③This may become a habit ✨ Weightless space messed up fun 60%
Today's topic.【What character do you think of as a pirate? 】
① One Piece Monkey D. Luffy!! 52%
② Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow! 18%
③ Captain Hook of Peter Pan 30%
Today's topic.【May 5th is Children's Day! What kind of child do you want your child to grow up with?】
① Full of energy! A child who is good at active sports !! 52%
② Clarity of mind! Honor student who is good at studying !! 18%
③ A genius of laughter! A bright child who makes the surroundings smile !! 30%
Today's topic.【now! !! Please choose the place you want to go to eat 🎵】
① Three-star restaurant👑
② A local set meal shop🍜 26%
③ Mother's home cooking👩 19%
Today's topic.【A fun vacation from today! Where are you going?】
① A feeling of liberation! After all vacation is the sea! 63%
② A sense of unity with nature! A mountain where you can rest your mind! 15%
③ I can't fit on the earth for my big self! Infinite universe! 22%

Claw Management Team.