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3/19 theme【I lost my way! For now...】
① Go east!
② Go west!
③ Go south!
④ Go north!
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Past theme

*Applications for the following themes have been closed.
3/18 theme【A gift from a loved one🎁What would you like to receive?】
①Chocolates with sweet thoughts Voting rate 45% [Get 4 free play tickets♪]
②A rose that conveys passion Voting rate 14%
③A handkerchief full of care and tenderness Voting rate 8%
④Matching perfumes just for two. Voting rate 32%
3/17 theme【Let's eat onigiri!🍙 Now, what's inside?】
①The classic sour taste! 「Umeboshi」 Voting rate 32%
②Actually a good combination...? 「Edamame & cheese」 Voting rate 3%
③The aroma of the sea whets your appetite♪「salmon」 Voting rate 61% [Get 6 free play tickets♪]
④Kids and adults rejoice!「Hamburg steak」 Voting rate 4%
3/16 theme【What was the most fun game you played as a child?】
① Jump rope Voting rate 0%
② Playing tag Voting rate 46% [Get 4 free play tickets♪]
③ Dodgeball Voting rate 39%
④ Hide and seek Voting rate 15%
3/15 theme【The requirements for a cool hero】
①A strong back figure that bears everything on its back. Voting rate 33%
② Strong eyes that look straight at the enemy Voting rate 45% [Get 4 free play tickets♪]
③ A profile that never gives up, no matter what the situation Voting rate 20%
④ A smile like the sun with a sense of security Voting rate 2%
3/14 theme【I need a drink when I get out of the tub!】
①Drinking with your hands on your hips is the royal way! MILK🥛 Voting rate 42%
②He even gave me a nice cold one......! BEER🍺 Voting rate 46% [Get 4 free play tickets♪]
③Thirst-quenching♪ ORANGE JUICE🍊 Voting rate 0%
④Minerals matter!BARLEY TEA☕ Voting rate 12%
3/13 theme【Carrots, onions, potatoes, meat... now, what's on the menu today?】
①Curry Voting rate 89% [Get 8 free play tickets♪]
②Stew Voting rate 9%
③ Meat and potatoes Voting rate 2%
④Pot-au-feu Voting rate 0%

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