Every day200,000 pointsstruggle for
This time, I'm not a minority.『The Majority Game!』

Which is the majority?

Vote on the daily questions (subjects)!

Ultimate bargaining and psychological warfareConquer others, be a winner!

Answers with the most votesIf you can choose, brilliant!winner

The event's question (subject) page is⇒⇒here


STEP1:You get one vote for every three prizes you win!
STEP2:Predict the answer that will get the most votes out of the three questions (subjects) that will be given to you!
STEP3:All you have to do is cast your vote through Contact Us and wait for the results to be announced!
STEP4:We'll split 200,000 points with the poll with the most votes answered!

Event Rules

You get one vote for every three prizes you win!

Predict the answers that are likely to get the most votes from the questions (subjects).

【example】What's your favorite color?
(1) Green
(2) Yellow
(3) Red

The number of votes for each
(1) 20 votes
(2)30 votes
(3)50 votes
In this case, the winner is the person who voted for the majority (3).

Every day, 200,000 points will be divided among the majority of votes, in the above case 50 votes, so that's 4000 points per vote!

※You don't have to answer the question with the truth!
※Of course, it doesn't even matter if you're right or wrong!
※Therefore, the content of the question is merely a decoration, and the key to victory is the number of votes cast!
※Enjoy the ultimate in tactics and psychological warfare!♪

・New questions (subjects) will be posted every day!
・We'll tally the votes each day, and the winner will be the one who casts the majority vote that day!
・Every day we'll split 200,000 points between us based on the number of majority votes we get that day!
・You can only vote in one place for one theme. You cannot vote in more than one place. ・You can vote as many times as you want in a day!
・Voting only applies to that day's questions. It will not be carried over to the next day or later.

How to vote

You get one vote for every three prizes you win!

There's a new question every day!
Questions will be announced via push notifications and a dedicated event page!

Predict the majority and vote according to the following procedure!

Send us your vote with the number (1),(2),(3) of the three videos you want to vote for, and your vote is complete!
※Videos can be sent in batches. Please check the videos you want to use for voting and send them.

Now we just have to wait for the results of the vote!

※To vote, please check all the eligible videos together and contact us with the number you want to vote for (①,②,③).
※Please note that it is not possible to vote based on time of play or prizes won.
※You can sort the videos by acquisition only by checking the "Show only acquisition" checkbox in the upper right corner of the inquiry about play videos.
※If you do not attach a video, we will not be able to accept your vote.
※You can vote as many times as you like in a day.
※You can only vote in one place for one theme. You cannot vote in more than one place. ※If you vote in more than one place, all votes except the first one submitted will be invalid.
※Once an acquisition video has been used, it cannot be used again.
※Play videos earned during the event period will be eligible.

■Example of voting

Announcement of results and distribution of event rewards

After the daily tally, the majority will be determined and the rewards will be distributed.
※Rewards will be distributed around 0:10 to 0:30.
※In rare cases, it may take some time to add points. Please understand in advance.

Event Period

Monday, May 3, 0:00 - Sunday, May 9, 23:59 (Japan time)

The event's question (subject) page is⇒⇒here

Clow Management Team.