Fastest in the industry! Over 1 million downloads!

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Fastest in the industry! Over 1 million downloads!

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Over 1 million downloads!

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For those who use Cremas on a regular basis, we have a 1 million download large thanks campaign! !

Get 3 free play tickets with a prize get🎁

Earn one prizes during the event!

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【3 free play tickets!】

Please enjoy Cremas on this occasion.💛

【Ticket receiving method】

・During the event, "3 free play tickets" will be automatically added in about 1 minute after the first prize is obtained.
・When adding, it will be notified by push notification and announcement.

※ You need to get one prizes during the event.
※ Free play tickets are consumed prior to points.
※ Free play tickets expire 24 hours after receipt.

【Event Period】

Japan time
March 11 (Wed) 21:00-end date undecided

【About inquiry】

※If you have any questions, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form.
Dedicated staff will be at your service, kind and polite.

Cremas Management Team