Make the world fun!!

May 11 Postscript.
Extension decided from 0:00 on May 11!

Second anniversary!
Super flashy!!

I'm going to make a big show of it!

A chance to get up to 164 tickets!

It's a must-see!

Daily "5 free play tickets" giveaway!🎁

Extension decided from 0:00 on May 11!
Every day you win a prize!
"5 free play tickets" giveaway🎁

51 days! We'll do it in a row!

This is your chance to get up to 164 tickets!

Please take this opportunity to enjoy Cremas.💛

[Ticket receiving method]

*During the event, the "Free Play Tickets" will be added automatically in about 1 minute after you win the first prize of the day every day.
*When adding, it will be notified by push notification and announcement.

*You must win a giveaway every day to receive a prize every day.
*One person can only receive this item once per day.
*You need to get one prizes during the event.
*Free play tickets are consumed prior to points.
*Free play tickets expire 24 hours after receipt.

[Event Period]

Japan time
Monday, April 20, 20:00 - Sunday, May 31, 23:59

[About inquiry]

※If you have any questions, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form.
Dedicated staff will be at your service, kind and polite.

Cremas Management Team