≫ Crane Game Catch Ranking Event ≪
~Who will be the king of catcher games?~

At the "Ranking Event", players compete to have the highest number of catches in the hopes of earning the title of Crane Game Master.

[Event Period]

11/16 0:00 - 11/23 23:59 *Japan time


Compete to catch the largest number of prizes during the event period.

*If 2 players have the same number of catches, the first player to make their final catch earns the higher rank.

[Event Rewards]

Rank 1 150 free play tickets + 3 prizes of your choice
Rank 2 50 free play tickets + 2 prizes of your choices
Rank 3 45 free play tickets + 1 prize of your choice
Rank 4 40 free play tickets + 1 prize of your choice
Rank 5 35 free play tickets + 1 prize of your choice
Rank 6 30 Free Play Tickets
Rank 7 25 free play tickets
Rank 8 20 free play tickets
Rank 9 15 Free Play Tickets
Rank 10 10 Free Play Tickets
Rank 11~15 5 free play tickets
Rank 16~20 3 free play tickets
  *The free play ticket has an expiration date of 72 hours from distribution.
* The prize you want will be the prize displayed in the prize list after the ranking is announced.
* You can only request regular prizes. Store direct prize,premium prize and "Prize of more than 201 points per play" are not eligible.
* Playing on the corresponding platform is required to select a prize. It doesn't matter if you don't win, but please play at least once during the period.
* As for prizes not displayed in the prize list, the stock may be sold out.
* The prize exchange period is within 3 days from the end of the ranking event.

[Ranking Updates]

Ranking totals will be tallied once per day at midnight and again at 6:00 pm on the final day. Rankings will be announced as service notifications.
*Nicknames will be announced publicly.
*Because it is possible for multiple players to assign themselves the same nickname, if you are concerned about your nickname or want to more accurately know what your ranking is, please change your nickname to one that includes a unique string of numbers, symbols, etc.

[Event Reward Distribution]

After the event period has concluded and rankings have been tallied, rewards will be distributed according to ranking order within 24 hours. Please note that the distribution process may take some time.
If you are within th place, please send your favorite prize to the inquiry with a play video.
We will reflect the acquisition on the play video you sent, and then return the points or tickets for that play.

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